Tree Maintenance

We can advise on all aspects of tree care including maintenance, planting, tree pruning, cable bracing, pest and disease control and the felling of trees in difficult positions.


Crown Reductions/Hedge Trimming / Topiary & Shaping

Trees can be reduced in size to contain their height and spread or for safety reasons. Many trees and hedges are trimmed or pruned for aesthetic reasons and can be beautiful garden features.


Tree Felling & Stump Grinding

Trees require removal for many reasons. We can safely dismantle any tree using proven lowering techniques. Stump Grinding removes the ‘bowl’ of the stump and can facilitate replanting.


Crown Thinning

Responsibility for tree safety can be alleviated by cyclical maintenance. The lack of light through shade is a regular problem and can be improved by thinning of the canopy.


Tree Planting / Transplanting / Mychorizae & De-compaction Treatments

We are able to plant trees to your specification and to transplant existing trees, subject to survey.


Tree Surveys

Trees subject to frequent public access – those that are closely approached by many people every day should be regularly inspected and records maintained of such surveys. We are able to provide these surveys and therefore ensure that your duty of care is discharged.

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