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Grounds Maintenance

Amongst the daily tasks of dealing with tenants, building owners, visiting dignitaries and budget shortfalls, we understand that external cleaning and landscaping are the last issues on your mind.

We understand that first impressions count. Studies have shown that maintaining a property well can improve staff morale, decrease nuisance crime and help preserve and enhance property values. Benchmark will partner with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to help you accomplish your management goals by providing:


  • A consistent reliable service
  • A crisp clean streetscape
  • Dynamic floral displays
  • Practical improvement initiatives
  • Proactive landscape management


We understand that a well-tended office environment attracts potential tenants and keeps existing tenants and their staff content by heightening the overall environment.



We understand that close attention must be paid to maintaining a crisp landscaped environment. Benchmark will partner with you to develop an appropriate maintenance strategy that will assist you in achieving your goals.



Top retailers rely on enticing visuals to draw in, attract and retain customers. Benchmark’s landscaping and floral displays will assist you in achieving your aims. We have a wealth of experience in retail and can deliver:


  • Increased kerb appeal
  • Smart professional teams
  • Eye catching seasonal displays and designs
  • Meticulous attention to cleanliness and site safety issues
  • Scheduling for ‘out-of-hours’ work
  • Special event work

Leisure & Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, where subtle distinctions can make a difference in occupancy and footfall rates, the landscaping is as important as the coffee shop or room service. Benchmark can help your property reach its full potential through the provision of a planted environment that reflects the calibre of your business.


Multi – Occupancy Residential

An aesthetically pleasing exterior helps to create a positive environment for tenants and can help to boost occupancy levels whilst increasing the overall value of the property. Our experienced team is sensitive to the needs of tenants and owners and understands the diverse needs of such properties. We will work with you to implement a landscaping maintenance plan that recognizes this diversity but without compromising quality.


Hospitals and Care Homes

A peaceful and pristine environment is important to those who come to visit their loved ones. We maintain grounds for a considerable number of hospitals and care homes and can bring this experience to the table, leaving the customer able to look after the patients.



Students and parents first impression of a school is often based on its appearance. Attractive landscaping is crucial in achieving the right setting for students to flourish. Benchmark’s experienced team will work with you to develop a customized maintenance plan that satisfies your needs and meets your budget.

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