Building Capability and Excellence

Building Capability and Excellence

At Benchmark we share a clear vision:

To be recognised by our clients as their best supplier and by our people as a great place to work.

We remain 100% committed to 100% operational excellence.


These key messages were delivered to all employees at the recent TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) events, which were held to brief all our people on a number of matters prior to the start of the season.

The opportunity to share our Company Values and recognise the good work of our people is fundamental to our culture. We believe that organisations succeed by realising the potential of their people, because good people make a great business. Our business philosophy of leading, supporting and continually improving is core to the way we do things at Benchmark. We were pleased to recognise a number of team players who have recently been promoted and who have demonstrated great leadership, customer service and focus on business objectives. Their enthusiasm, commitment and passion for excellence is to be commended.

We want to build peoples capabilities, so that everyone can reach their full potential and we use these TEAM meetings and other forms of training to build peoples skills. Delivering continuous improvement is fundamental to our business and allows the Company to continually move forward and improve its performance. To do this, we need all our employees to contribute and take responsibility for the improvement process. We encourage everyone to look to the world around them for new ideas and innovations and to create positive change within our business.

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