Benchmark makes The Shakespeare Hospice Charity of the Year

Benchmark makes The Shakespeare Hospice Charity of the Year

Benchmark have chosen The Shakespeare Hospice as their Charity of the Year.  This is to support their Community Engagement Policy. Benchmark recognises the importance and benefits of managing its business sustainably (sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs). The Sustainability Policy establishes their commitment to environmental good practice, social responsibility and economic prosperity. It is demonstrated through the Vision, Mission and Values which were developed after consultation with all employees. Benchmark believe that giving back to the communities in which they operate is fundamental to business. They actively encourage their people in volunteering efforts.

Their community engagement is focussed upon providing support to nominated organisations through the deployment of our people’s time. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their own time to these and any other organisations of their choice.

Deployment of staff time is defined as:

Office based staff – Benchmark will fund 1 day a year for all office based staff only –

ie approximately 12 personnel x 8hours – ie approximately 96 man hours per annum.

Field based staff – Benchmark at this point in time is unable to fund field based staff for community engagement but would encourage staff to give their own time freely to organisations of their own choice. Field based staff can make ad hoc requests for donations for community support, which will be reviewed by the Managing Director.

Nominated organisations are defined as:

Shakespeare Hospice – Charity of the Year 2016

Stratford Music Festival

Snitterfield Cricket Club

PLANit Global



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